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a new idea based on having a single word every day as the main hero for the episode that leads to different subjects while asking the audience questions every link to keep it very interactive aired Sunday to Tuesday at 10:11 am ,presented by mohamad fahmy.

Mohamed Fahmy

presenter of the show

Name : Mohamed Fahmy D.O.B : 18.10.1985 Zodiac : Libra Faculty Law - Ain Shams University Hobby : Reading, Water Sports, Running, & Travelling Shows : Sa3et ElSob7 m3 Mega FM, Khatwa l2odam, belsyasa afham, ma3lesh eldonia seyam, by7sal mesh 3andena, Eslam 7or, Fawazeer Mashaheer, ElNas ElTanyeen (best cultural & social radio show award from The Arab Producers' Mondeal in 2015 Past Experience : * Worked as a T.A in the MasComm Department at the Arab Academy for Science & Technology Favourite Qoute : If You wanna have a different result, you gotta take a different path.