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Nourkhatab, one of the famous Egyptian Fitness trainers, andwas able to achieve a great success in the Field of sport and Fitness. Although of the great obstacles and straggles he faced at the beginning of his life, but he did not give up, he kept moving on, because he believed in that “Those who overcome great challenges will be changed, and often in unexpected ways”. NourKhatab had graduated from Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, and starts to work since he was 14 years old, He begins to do some simple work in one of the famous gymnasiums in Egypt, such as organizing stuff and collecting iron and other tasks, his first salary was LE 700, and then gradually moved from small posts and positions to bigger ones. at the beginning, this career path was not accepted for his family, but by time and with the great success he had achieved in a short period of time, his family began to encourage him and felt proud too. In 2003, he started his career path as Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for celebrities, in addition to, being a trainer at Golds Gym. Furthermore, and for more than 9 years, he was a trainer in PRO Gym (El Gizra and El Mohndsen branch) and get promoted till he became the General Manager of PRO gym. Now, Nour Khattab is one of Titans Wellness Center's owners, vice chairman and board member, and in charge of managing the 3 branches of Titans Gym (Cairo Festival City, Land Mark and Tulip Branch). On the Media level, he began his media career as a guest in program "Yaseed Sabah" Tv program, which was broadcasted on the Egyptian television, and then was selected as the Trainer of the Winning team of The Biggest loser Arabic Version at MBC TV 2008-2009, based on this, he has been selected as "Middle East Fitness Icon". moreover, he presented many Radio and TV programs, as follows: TV Programs: - YeseadSabahak – Channel 2 (2011-2012) - ShaklTany – El Nahar TV ( 2013) - ShaklTnay – OSN TV - Kef TsoumFetar we Souhor- Mehwar TV (2014) - We Lesa Momken – El Nahar TV (2016-2017) Radio Programs - Kef Tsoum - Mega FM (2010-2011-2012 ) - ShwyetNour – Mega FM (2017-2018) Nourkhatab holds a Master's Degree in IELTS and a Diploma form Weider Academy for cultural that certifies that he has passed the 12th Academy Couse for Judging and training in the sports of Body building and Physical Fitness, which took place in Cairo- Egypt, with Final Grade Excellent as National Coach. Moreover, He has awarded and certified from many institution and Academy, including but not limited to the following: - Certificate of Accomplishment – from the Development and institutionalization Support System (DISC) - LFA, Life Fitness Academy- certifies that NourKhatab completed the globally recognized life fitness Academy Training. - Resistance Training Specialist certifies that Nourkhatab has successfully completed the comprehensive written and practical examinations required and is accorded the title resistance Training specialist. - Fitness Therapy from the international Sports Sciences Association. - "Sports Medicine, sports "injuries & Physiotherapy" from Ministry of Health and Population. Last and not least, Nour Khattab is known as “ the coach of celebrities” as he is the personal trainer of in many of them in different fields such as art, politics, sports and others, besides being an inspiration to them, for example and not limited to Shrehan, Sherine, Ahmed Ezz, Tamer Hosni, Reem Mostafa, Amir Karara, Ahmed Zaher, Ahmed Fahmy, Yasmin Abdel Aziz, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Emad Meteb, Saleh Juma, Hussein Al-Sayed, Essam Al-Hadari, Mohammed Shawki, Mohammed Abu Trika, Iman Al-Assi and other artists. On the regional level, Nourkhatab has been chosen by The Arab League "UNIAAC" to be "the Ambassador for the Arab Children"..

Shwyet Nour

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Sports / health program that’s hosts experts in those fields so we can raise awareness how to live better and healthier ,every Monday from 3:5 pm presented by nour khattab.