ABOUT Ibrahim El Garhi

Personal life
Ibrahim Elgarhi graduated from the Faculty of Law at Mansoura University in 2000 He is married and has two daughters. His personal interests are writing, painting, and gardening.

Ibrahim Elgarhi worked as a caricaturist in the Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd the year he graduated for one and a half years. He then moved among newspapers including Sout Al Omma, Al Ghadd, and Al Ahali.
In 2003, Elgarhi joined the Arabic service of BBC, where he worked as an editor on its Arabic website, then as a director, presenter and reporter on Arabic Radio from a number of countries, including Algeria, Sudan and Ghana.
In 2006, BBC Humanitarian Aid sent Elgarhi to Darfur, Sudan to lead the team in the production of programs for refugees in the stricken region. Their program Draw your Place on the Groundwas awarded with Radio For Peace-building Africa Award.
At the beginning of 2008, Elgarhi founded Teet Radio,[1] the first free internet  Egyptian radio station. The station was successful throughout its broadcasting period of three years, during which hundreds of critical episodes were broadcast.
In 2009, Elgarhi moved to ONTV as editor in chief of the newsroom, however, he left that position after less than one year to join the Arabic team of Thomson Reuters,[2] where he worked as a journalist and editor of Arabic news.

In 2013, Ibrahim Elgarhi started his program Garhi Show on the internet, and then on ONTV..Elgarhi also presented a program on Mega FM Radio station in 2014 Citizen Garhitill current, follow on show on tv 217
Elgarhi is considered one of the most prominent bloggers on the social media networks where he is followed by hundreds of thousands.

Elgarhi has five published books, namely; HaretDabaa – Dabaa Alley (Novel), Parachute (Travel Literature), and Morsi #Quessa_Quassira_Hazine – Morsi #A_Sad_Short_Story (Historic Literature).[3]
an ta3eesh le ta2kol (living to eat)
allahom eg3aloh 7’eir اللهم اجعله خير.

El Mowaten Garhi

Presented Show

Political social program presented by Ibrahim el garhi who tries to raise awareness socially ,politically and economically ,Saturday to Wednesday from 8:9 pm.