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ABOUT Hamsa Emam

- I was graduated from faculty of fine arts / mural ‎arts section and have worked as a graphic ‎designer in the advertising field. ‎
- I have changed my career from a graphic designer, ‎supplier side to a client side and worked as a ‎marketing manager and PR director in several ‎sector of business such as retail and fashion, ‎cosmetics and jewelry and real estate in Egypt ‎and in Kuwait.‎
- I have penetrated the media field through working ‎as a business development manager and an art ‎producer in a production firm with maintaining ‎projects as tv programs and tv series. In parallel ‎working as a model in tv commercials, VO and ‎dubbing for animated cartoons. ‎
- In 2012 I have joined Elradio 9090 as a radio ‎presenter and in 2014 i have started working in ‎Nagham Fm up until now. ‎.

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