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Mohamad Swelam

presenter of the show

Zodiac sign: Gemini Education: Bachelor degree of arts from the American university in Cairo (TV and Radio), with a double minors in psychology and theatre. Hobbies: travelling, raising dogs, sea addict, watching horror movies, acting, writing, listening to music, working out at the gym, and sailing. Experience: with an accumulated 9 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and advertising fields in Egypt,KSA, and Dubai. Senior radio presenter at Mega FM since 2013. Radio shows:ensa el taree2, tare2na wa7ed, fel 3agala el salama, khayragnad al ard, al egabamasr, fashion runway , our wedding carnival ,7ekaty ma3 crusty, sab3 el leil ,mosalsal e7keely ya shahrayar and men hena w raye7..